Homemade Fish Spread

Locally caught fish


Fried Grouper Nuggets

Grouper marinated with soy and sesame chili oil. A traditional Japanese item and popular Clam House dish for years. 




Clam Broth Chowder

Created with local Joe Island Clams


Steamed Clams

Joe Island Clams steamed with a dash of butter and clam broth


Garlic Clams

Joe Island Clams perfectly prepared with
butter, garlic, cilantro, tomato

and a side of buttered bread


Clam Strips

Crispy sweet clam strips lightly battered




Shrimp Cocktail

6 Steamed shrimp with cocktail sauce


Peel and Eat

Steamed shrimp sprinkled with Old Bay Seasoning served with lemon and cocktail sauce


Coconut Shrimp

6 Coconut encrusted shrimp with sweet thai chili sauce


Land Lubbers


Mozzarella Sticks

Deliciously seasoned mozzarella sticks with warm marinara

Chicken Strips

Four flavorful crispy chicken strips with crispy fries